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JULY 2006

What's in a name? (The origin of the 8 Eyed Baby)

First Question

Many times I've been asked, "What's with the 8 Eyed Baby?" and I usually give the standard joke answer of: if you take the first letter of those words and rearrange them, you have my initials (which is true), there are four people in my family therefore 8 eyes among us (which is also true), and that I have two young daughters and that's why the baby (which is true as well). But the fact is, that is not the reason I began using the 8 Eyed Baby avatar on TMO. There really isn't any reason other than I thought it looked cool and it was unique.

Second Question

Even more often I get, "Why did you name the site 8 Eyed Baby?". For this I do have an answer. Many months ago, you may all remember talk of a massive fan site being built with the name Kookalouris. We all know that has been put on the back burner and that is the main reason this site exists today. I had worked for many weeks on mods for the site and collecting them from other modders, but now I had no place to put them. So, the thought popped into my head, "Well, why don't I just make my own site and allow anyone to host theirs there too?".

The Dilemma

So, now I had the plan, but I couldn't think of a name for it. We had tossed around over a dozen names for Kookalouris before we decided on that one, but since this was to be my site, I didn't want to take that name in the off chance it did infact launch one day. Also, around that time, there was a lot of talk of TMO being dead and closing soon. The EP had yet to launch and it seemed people where already preparing for the funeral. This made me not want to make a site that would always be tied to The Movies, just in case the rumors proved true. I'd have hated to spend all that money on a site who's name would have only been good for a month or two.

The Answer

I sat and pondered many a night thinking, "What name should I use?". I even discussed this with many of my friends on TMO. Then on March 25th, 2006, I received a PM from drucifer67 that said, "Is 8eyedbaby.com taken?". Oddly enough, it was available. Now my baby had a name.

The Blame

So, if you've ever thought,"What a stupid name" or "Man Oz has one hell of an ego", don't blame me. It was all drucifer's fault! Besides, if it was an ego thing, the site would have been named Oztopia. Sadly, that name was already taken.

Edit Your Mods

So, you've just uploaded the coolest mod to 8EB, but you misspelled the name. No need to worry, because you are now able to edit your uploaded mods right on your account. No more need to wait for a manual change, just log in, make your corrections and save.

How does it work?

Before when you made a mistake or needed to fix a mod, you had to contact 8EB to make the correction. But with some newly created code, all you need to do is log in, click on "manage mods" and a list of all of your uploaded mods will be displayed. Click on the mod namethat you want to

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