P A G E 4

JULY 2006

The 8 Eyed Baby Evolution Continues...(continued from page 2)

First we have a handy search engine located right on the front page. Let's say you came to the site looking for airplane mods. Simply type in airplane and hit search. This will bring up the airplane set from Fraasmovies, a sound effect by me, and a cockpit overlay by moviemanic. Not too shabby is it?

Another way of getting what you want is clicking on the category button at the top of the main menu. Looking for a mod by a specific modder? Click on "Display All Modders" and every modder who is registered will be displayed by the date they joined the site. Or if you are browsing a category and want to refine your results, you can click on the date field and only mods uploaded on that date will be displayed. You can also click on the modders name or the specific category to display mods sorted on those selections. You can even click on the verified status of a mod to display only verified mods or unverified.

Verified -vs- Unverified

Some visitors expressed concerns regarding members being allowed to upload mods instantly to the site. How could they be sure the mods would work and be virus free? Well, we designed a verified status system that lets you know if the mod in question has been checked by the 8EB staff. Once a mod has been verified to be virus free and in working order, the status is updated to verified.

This doesn't mean you should take our word on if it is virus free. As with all things downloaded from the internet, you should

always be safe and virus scan them yourselves.

Add Your Movie Link

If you've used a mod from 8EB, you can add your movie link to the mod you used. Simply go to the mod you used, enter in your movie title and your TMO movie number and hit add. This is a great feature for you to get some extra advertising for your movie as well as allow the modder to see that their mod is being used. Modders can use this feature to upload movies they've made with the mod to show their work in action.

Rate That Mod

Another request of the visitors was the ability to rate uploaded mods. This is the newest feature of the site and allows you to rate the mods from bad (1) to good (8). There is a contest currently being run to create the images for the different ratings. For more details click here.

Well, I think that about covers all of the new site layouts features. I hope this has helped you to find what mods you are searching for. This is only the beginning and the site will continue to evolve as time goes on.

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