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JULY 2006

Hot Picks Area is Red Hot

In an aim to get more movies noticed, 8 Eyed Baby got into the hot pick business in early June and it has been a huge success.

How do I submit a movie?

Have you seen a movie that just blew you away? Have you made a movie that you feel is outstanding? If so, then head on over the the 8EB forums and add your movie to the submissions for the current week.

In the forum called Hot Shots, you can find the guidelines for submitting a movie. Follow the rules and add the movie of your choice to that weeks submission thread.

Every Friday the thread is closed and all submissions are screened using our secret rating system. The top six movies are then put to a vote on the main page of 8EB. A new thread is opened for submissions for the following week.


The six movies are added to a video player on the front page of the site for easy viewing. Visitors watch all six movies and then can vote on their favorite movie for the week. The polls close on the following Friday.

So who get's hot picked?

After the polls close, the top four vote getters are that weeks hot picks. An short description is written for each winner on why it is a hot pick and then e-mailed to the good folks at Lionhead for addition to TMO that Monday. Then the entire process starts again when the submissions that were made that week are added to 8EB and the voting begins again.

Rules are rules

If a movie submitted is found to break the rules of TMO (copyright, nudity, etc.) it will be removed from the vote. Members are free to resubmit the offending movie for consideration the following week as long as the rule breaking material is removed.

100,000 downloads & still going strong (continued from page 1)

Place Graphic of YOur Choosing Here 8 Eyed Baby Staff Continues to Celebrate... With the new site layout, the community submissions grew to unbelievable heights and currently stands at 650 available mods. With this huge leap in available mods, the number of downloads also skyrocketed and on July 12th, 2006 we broke the 100,000 download barrier. Now just 11 days past that momentous moment, we have had an additional 15,306 downloads, putting us well on our way to the next milestone of 250,000 downloads.

With the continued support of the TMO community we believe we can make this happen!


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