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JULY 2006

The Official 8EB Toolbar

A gift from the creators of 8EB

Site Stats

This chart displays the activity at 8 Eyed Baby!

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Read from right to left, you can see the level of visitor activity at the site since it's launch on March 29, 2006 to the present day. Right is the initial launch, left is last week. The large spike in activity is at the point of the site relaunch with the automated system in place.
As a gift to the 8EB visitors pushing the site past the 100,000 download mark, we've released the official 8EB Toolbar. Many toolbars are floating around TMO as of late, but this one could be considered an intregal part of the 8EB experience.

It features quick links to all of the mod sections of 8EB for instant access to the mods. There are also quick links for the 8EB forums, a quick link to the main sites front page and another to the 8EB chat room.


One of the best features of this toolbar is that it will automatically update to show you when a new mod has been uploaded to the site. So, no need to worry about being the last to know that one of the great mods from Fraasmovies, Rik Vargard or Melghoul (just to name a few) has been made available on the site.

We plan on adding new features to this toolbar as well, so go get it now if you haven't already. It's free and compatable with both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Download your copy by clicking here!

The 8 Eyed Baby Evolution

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New Features Explained

With the new site layout came many new featuers. I hope to explain some of these features in greater detail than has been done before.

Modder Accounts

Anyone wishing to submit mods to 8EB need only click the "Submit Your Mods" button on the main menu of the site. Then by clicking the "Not Registered Click Here" link will allow you to create your own modders account.

Here you will enter in your desired username, password, your TMO studio name and e-mail address. Be sure to use your registered TMO studio name because this will be used to add a link to your studio with all of your submitted mods. For example, don't enter Oz Films as your studio name if your TMO registered account is OZMAN69.

After registering for an account you will receive a welcome e-mail from 8EB and have full access to your account. Don't forget, after logging into your account, you will be able to upload your own 80 x 80 avatar to be displayed along with your mods as well. Your account will allow you to submit your mods to the site for instant availability to the visitors of 8EB.

Finding the mods you want

When you come to the site to find the mods you want there are several new ways of going about this.

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